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Online Casino X offers the jackpot on the slot machines for real money!

What is the jackpot and how to win it?

Play casino and win — it is certainly nice. But much nicer to hit the jackpot! Which players did not dream about this? Especially when you know that all this is real, and from time to time in different parts of the world there are reports of the lucky ones to break a big jackpot. What is a jackpot, how it is formed and what happens?

Jackpot — this is the biggest win in the casino. Sums it may vary from a few thousand to millions of dollars. The term appeared in the 19th century and meant a pair of jacks. At that time there was a poker game in which the winner admitted the player has collected a pair of jacks. Since then, the game itself has long been forgotten, and the term went beyond poker and represents now the biggest win in any game of chance, including in vending machines or online casino.

Depending on the method of formation can be fixed jackpot or progressive. In the case of a fixed jackpot at loss of certain combinations are paid fairly large sum of money. It is always constant for a given combination. It is much more profitable and more interesting for the player the progressive jackpot. He, in turn, is divided into three types:

Jackpot In-House — as the name implies, is accumulated by slots in only one casino, so the size of the jackpot depends on the number of players and machines. Accordingly, the more popular casino, the more solid it jackpots.
Jackpot Stand Alone Progressive -nakaplivaetsya by a certain percentage from each game. The payoff is getting a little less, but it increases the chance of getting a jackpot, as the payment of winnings in this case, the casino does not affect the state.
Jackpot Area Wide — the most popular type. The accumulation of the prize sum of the participation of all online casinos belonging to the same gaming network. Jackpot formed by payments from a certain small percentage of each game.
Since the size of the jackpot depends on the number of players and machines, in this respect, the online casino is much more profitable than real, because none of the casino on earth can boast of such attendance as virtual. And the more the casino jackpot, the more players it attracts. Here’s a nice vicious circle.

What determines the loss of the jackpot? At the heart of all the slot machines in a casino online is a random number generator, respectively, the winner is determined by randomly generating a random number. The only caveat — in order to win the jackpot, of course, you need to play slots game jackpot money, free games to break the bank will not help you in the online casino.

The moment when the jackpot is rolled, is determined by random number generator. And this can happen at any time and does not depend on how long and in what game you play, or from the size of bets. The higher the jackpot, the more likely that it will fall. Even with just one bet you have an equal chance to receive it, if you like to play day and night.

Therefore, if you want to win really big money — play and believe in your lucky star!

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