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Roulette at the casino online Casino X — is a classic, European, French, American Roulette

Roulette — it’s the first thing you imagine when you hear the word «casino».

The rotating drum with the ball and playing field on which bets — all very simple. In the drum of alternating red and black, odd and even — from 1 to 36 and, of course, zero — because without it the intrigue would not be complete. Accordingly, on the playing field can be played by betting on the «clean» rooms or various combinations thereof, and can be played on equal chances.

What is an equal chance? It is, in fact, a description of numbers. Red or black, odd or even, large or small, three dozen and three columns. Chances are, which is equally probable loss. Red may fall with the same probability as black. In theory. The practice is quite unpredictable. On the chances, of course, paying significantly less, but less risk of losing. But — do not forget about the sector zero! With his loss lose every chance.

The stakes in a number field is usually less than face value, but in the case of a win are paid a larger proportion. In a real casino they do tend to «color.» On an equal chance to play normally cache.

In order not to be afraid of confusing names, because believe me, the reality is much simpler than it sounds in words, try to play the best free online roulette online Casino X.

Types of roulette in the Casino-X from Microgaming

Casino-X traditionally offers its players a better design from Microgaming and offers its players the following types of online roulette like: classic, European, French, American Roulette.

Usually distinguish three types of roulette is European Roulette or classic American (double zero) and French (with loyal regulations for equal opportunities on a roll of zero). But in our casino X kinds of roulette for six:

EUROPEAN ROULETTE GOLD — the so-called classic European Roulette with one zero sector of the drum.

ROULETTE WITH TRACK -classical European Roulette with the presence of the track for oral bids.

FRENCH ROULETTE — also available in the Casino X and French Roulette, compares favorably with the other forms a unique rule. If you play on equal chances, a roll of zero, you lose not the entire amount, but only half of it. Such an alignment greatly increases the chances of players, reducing the house edge to a record low of 1.35%.

MULTI WHEEL ROULETTE GOLD — seems, Microgaming this game have decided to combat all on the spot and immediately — there is not one, and as many as eight wheels! It seems that where you do not put a chip in the field of play — at least one of the separated rooms so you hooked. The game draws just unreal! Break away, indeed, very difficult.

AMERICAN ROULETTE — Roulette with the two sectors of the zero on the drum. For those who like to tickle nerves.

PREMIER ROULETTE — a very beautiful and realistic 3D-Roulette with a variety of settings, but without any changes in the rules.

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